Since our founding in 1993, scopas medien AG and its affiliated companies provide a diversified entertainment experience for the whole family. Headquartered in the financial district of Frankfurt with offices based in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and multicultural Berlin, we have almost twenty years of international market experience in producing animated, fictional and documentary feature films plus television series. We also provide a wide variety of professional services in all our branches, including production and content management as well as extensive consultancy service.

Quality of Content

In order to attract and retain quality we strive to develop original, appealing and rewarding content for various entertainment formats with our unique creative, technical and production capabilities. Furthermore we always keep looking for valuable content to get the opportunity to develop a sound strategy for it. By providing foundational concepts we are able to establish brands as well as dealing with them on the international market.

Heart and power drive

We are passionate about the direct implementation of new technologies. Based on that, scopas has chosen an exclusive business concept by offering an interactive entertainment and informational content. The combination of top technology and excellent creative talent originate feature films and series with memorable characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.


The scopas medien AG is a member of

Allianz deutscher Produzenten Film und TV

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